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MAY 30 & 31, 2014 Blackstock Festival Grounds Blackstock, South Carolina


Annie Kyla Bee

I approach art inspired by cymatics and neurochemistry, alchemy and shamanism, the tao, and surreal, symbolic, street and visionary artists before and with me. I create artworks as talismans to help bring our brain waves into resonance with meditative and loving frequencies. By combining emotionally relevant images and characters from philosophy, mythic incarnation and metaphor with mathematical truths, patterns and processes from nature, I create to inspire interstellar journeys and experiments in thought. I synchronize ideas in harmonic hues to unveil the connections between feeling, experience, and information, to aid in decoding emotional language. I create, for my family, as a conduit through which Mind at Large can flow to help us recognize and realize our potential and purpose, our individual dances to freedom. I work like a honey bee, fly like a bird, and love like the burning sun.


Blais Bellenoit

My name is Blais Bellenoit and I grew up in the rural town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. My mother was a professional illustrator for most of her life and illustrated such books as “The Talisman” by Stephen King and “The Hundred Year Christmas” by David Morrell. My father was a guitar player and free-lancing musician at times, but for the most part, he worked very hard to provide for his only son. Many of my early days were spent at my mother’s side watching her draw or by my father’s side listening to him play. As a result, I became an artist and a musician myself. Later on I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a four year degree in Illustration. Since graduating in 1999, I have maintained a free-lance art career, working in various styles and using several mediums including pen & ink, oil paint, water color, pencil, and clay.

I am always searching for new styles and new techniques to absorb into my experience. It is one of the most important things to me as an artist. To keep pushing the envelope and to keep the journey interesting. It has been my honor, for most of my life, to take part in one of the more amazing experiences in the human reality, pure creation; The expression of the intangible universe and collective conscious.


Bonnie Goodson

Bonnie Goodson is an artist born and raised in the heart of Mississippi. Since discovering live painting as an outlet for her constant flow of inspiration, she’s been traveling and painting live at music festivals and cultural gatherings across the US. Bonnie’s art celebrates the complexities in the world around us, embracing the grey areas amongst all of the black and white. Drawing inspiration from graffiti, naturally occurring pattern, shape, and color, classical painting, dreamscapes, and the female form, she feels her work is derived from her subconscious, visions even she is still unaware of until they take shape on canvas. She rarely has patience to sketch or plan her work, and even with some strategy, it’s all a mystery unfolding at the tip
of her paintbrush. By the time she feels she has listened to the canvas, and the image is complete, then she realizes the story she’s been asked to tell. Bonnie allows herself to simply be a tool for channeling the message of the Spirit present within all of us. Painting is when I feel closest to God. It is when I can feel the connection between all of us. This is my offering to the world, and I am so deeply grateful for the opportunity to show you this.


Brian Nabozny

As an artist I hope to inspire others and bring people together through a tangible
means of expression. My artwork touches on current events and the spiritual connection we have with one another. I aim to express the divine presence within all of us.


Bryan Bailey

Bio coming soon

Chris Speaks

Rarely do you come across an artist who integrates as many influences of life into their work as you will find in the art of Chris Speaks. Whether influence comes in the form of psychedelic vision, a simple breeze howling through the mountain valley, or the spiritual afterglow of yogic meditation. Speaks takes these daily truths and transmutes them from raw idea to the splendor exhibited in the art you see before you. With styles ranging from kaleidoscopic geometry, to Aztecan mandalas, Speaks displays his keen ability to convey his experiences of the divine onto canvas so that he may bring his perspective of the cosmos to the rest of us.



It was not until 3 years ago that Dikkie started painting & within 1 year with his love of color and pulling structure out of chaos. He was painting live and traveling to what seems like everywhere in the south east. Just last year he moved to Asheville with full force meeting so many beautiful inspirational people he was was able to create his first ever spoken word event calling it “WORD” with live music and live art enabling others to follow suit. Dikkie has now been motivated to start his own promotional company (abstrACT ALIVE arts) and now writing his own poetry and is currently recording his first song.


Elizabeth Ogletree

Elizabeth Ogletree, born and raised in Georgia, has always been an artist- an instinctual knowing inside of her self that pushed the brush to canvas from the very beginnings of childhood. Struggles with epilepsy as child pushed her spirit into the ether and back into this plane of existence, bringing back with her a love of the spirit realms and a creative force inside her self that sends her like a shooting star through space-time to create endlessly. She received her degree in Textile Design from the University of Georgia in 2013 and is a self taught painter. She currently lives in Athens, GA, where she creates textile designs for the Burning Artists Collective and paints daily. Working with many mediums including dyeing, weaving, silk screenprinting, digital art, painting, drawing, and ceramics, Elizabeth connects to love by making healing objects of art. Being able to connect to the other-selves with something she has created brings her incredible bliss and gratitude for the life she has been given here on earth.


Emily Kell

Emily Kell was born in Alexandria, VA and has been making art for as long as she can remember. She graduated from SCAD Savannah in 2012 with a degree in painting, and a minor in creative writing. Since then, she has been on the road showcasing her art at music festivals, art bazaars, and gallery shows. Some of the places she has recently showcased her work at include Gratifly Music and Arts Festival,
Rootwire Music and Arts Festival, Burning Man, Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival, Alex Grey Visionary Arts Fair, ASOVA visionary arts Bazaar, Alex Grey’s Solstice festival at Cosm, and CAVA’s Emerging Light showcase. She is based out of Savannah but spends most of her time traveling. She does live painting at concerts and festivals, as well as some freelance design work. Her intention is to spread love and awareness through her artwork, and to give form to the ineffable joy of life. Through paint and brush, she aims to channel the human experience, the spiritual experience, and the spectrum that bridges the two. Her main focus is currently on giving a voice to the divine feminine- a very loud voice.


Eric Alan Wattinne

Eric Alan Wattinne is an artist specializing in painting (Live Painter) & illustration. He spent the betterpart of his education and artistry focusing primarily on painting and illustration, but also worked with aspects of design and digital media to create pieces that integrate the multifaceted imagery that is the work of his own mind’s eye. His art includes pieces designed for his academic work, commissioned pieces, & self-directed pieces that are for sale as well.



Heilig is a native Vermont artist and Burlington-based emcee. He combines his passion for visual art and music by painting live at concerts and music festivals throughout New England. He has painted for dozens of well known musicians, including DJ Shadow, Consider the Source, Boombox, and many more. Heilig’s process is rooted in illustration but also includes elements of woodblock motifs & street art aesthetics. He typically starts his live paintings with a light sketch, but develops the majority of his images on site. His works can be seen online at: Heiligart.com


Jerry Cahill

Jerry Cahill is from St. Petersburg Florida, he is traveling the country chasing his inspiration. Music is inspirational, it’s healing and it teaches, it does this by resonating with all the energies around us and within us so that we can observe those energies and make sense of life, if even just for a brief moment. Music connects us; it beautifully puts us in a trance so that we can share an experience. While I am live
painting I am part of that experience, I am inspired by everything and everyone in the audience, the music, the musicians, the lights, the atmosphere, the epoch of our existence, I soak it all up and synthesize it into a piece so we can remember that experience long after the last note is sent through the air. Painting to live music gives me the same feeling everyone gets while dancing to live music, You don’t have to
think about dancing, it just happens, music just knows where to touch you to make you move and it just knows how to make you happy, that is why my best work happens while I am painting to live music, just as music can guide your hips and feet, it can guide my wrist and brush.


John Gay

John Gay is a freelance visionary artist working in a few different mediums. I’m alway looking to learn more about the crafts I work with. my art is mostly influenced from ancient cultural myths, shamanistic rituals and mother nature her self. I tend to use the human form with organic flow and a bit of sacred geometric shapes to flutter the eye a little. Im all about bright colors and and i try to uniform and transition them with each other along with trying to portray motion or movement in my pieces.


Kirby Bright

I’m Kirby Bright I’m from Greenville SC. I live for music and arts festivals I started painting space in January because of the freedom that comes with it. It’s all about imagination and making a universe of your own. The enjoyment I get out of painting is unexplainable it’s like no one else is there and I wanna help everyone create a place like that for them selves



LGWaldo is a painter all the way through. She loves anything art and follows her soul where it leads her. Now she and her significant other reside in Montgomery Alabama where she enjoys working at the Montgomery Museum of Fine art and with the Montgomery Public Schools teaching art classes to 4th and 5th graders. As often as possible she’s painting trees, people, and animals. Check out her work at LGWaldo.com!


Madison Moore

Madison Moore is a visionary artist, dancer, singer, fire spinner, yogini, and sacred space builder from Isle of Palms, South Carolina who blends the images and experiences of her life – on earth, in dreams, and in visions – to create awe-inspiring displays of beauty to share with everyone willing to take them in with an open heart and mind.


Megan Sheppard

My name is Megan Sheppard. Born and raised in Christiansburg Va. I am 24 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have always been the odd ball out, til the day I discovered my talent to create with color and express the things I see and feel so others can understand and connect with my artwork as well if not better than my own self. Painting has given me so many gifts within myself, as well giving me a prominent
passionate path in this crazy thing we call life. My ultimate goal is becoming a creator of my generation, like the Great Salvador Dali! Which is one of my beloved artist. When I paint I want it to change lives, like my life changes when I finish a piece and set back and say… now this chapter (in my life) is done. What a golden gate to walk through! No matter what I went through while painting my creations, I can always think about the stressful times and good times and have something so beautiful to fall into and analyze and discover.. forever!!!! I will never stop creating til death~after death To infinity and beyond!


Michael Amidon

My name is Michael Amidon and I started Kharma Kollections a few years ago. As a growing writer and painter i had an idea where collaboration and good vibes would be the focus behind the kollections. I believe that artwork, in all of its forms, is about expression and creativity… to expand the soul beyond the limitations of rules and boundries. In the future when all the peices are put into play, Kharma Kollections
will be a kollective independent buisness filled with nothing but local artwork, music, jewlery, clothing, woodwork, glasswork, all in efforts to spread good karma and big smiles to the wonderful people that find us on the journey. Thank you for being a part of the Kharma Kollections.


Seeko the Kid

Born in Haiti in January of 1987, Elisee Makasi Siriwayo discovered his artistic talent at an early age; he started by drawing characters from his favorite comic strip “Mickey Mouse”. At the age of twelve, Makasi moved to Burlington with his parents and six siblings in September of 1999.

However, Makasi didn’t realize his true talent or at least didn’t take it too seriously until he started attending Edmunds Middle School, where he was introduced to Graffiti Art and Hip Hop culture as a whole. To Makasi, Hip Hop is not only a type of music, but a subculture on its own. The culture has its own language, which is expressed through the music known as rap, mediated to us through emcees. Breaking or break-dancing, scratching (also known as turntablism), and graffiti art are among the other artistic components of Hip Hop, as well as the key elements to Hip Hop culture.

Once introduced to Graffiti Art in Vermont, Makasi began to learn more about it. In doing some research, Makasi discovered Dondi, a pioneer of the Graffiti movement in the early sixties. After reading about him and seeing his work, Makasi was blown away by Dondi’s style.

Makasi went to Pratt, majoring in Graphic Design. He likes to incorporate his background in Graffiti into his work, always pushing and exploring the possibilities of his work. “I try staying very diverse with my work,” says Makasi. “I like to serve my audience with a good menu of eye candy,” he adds as he smiles. Looking at his work, one can understand what he’s talking about; from his colorful, grungy textured-filled illustrations, to his clean digital style.


Steven Teller

Steven Teller was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Steven is a multi-disciplined artist specializing in fine arts and communication design. He creates work in a primarily realistic fashion, shaped by his direct contact with people, society, and life around him, while allowing his interests in yoga and spirituality to intuitively abstract forms with strong references to nature. Steven spent his early years traveling, chasing waves through Florida, and exploring the rest of the country to heighten his experience and awareness of the world. Steven graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012 with a B.F.A. in Painting and a minor in Art History. Since then, Steven has kept a home base in his studio in Northern California, while embarking on excursions to sell his artwork at concerts and festivals around the
country. Steven hopes to continue that journey to share his artwork and to bring light, love and a moment of presence to everyone along his path.


Tiffany ‘Epiphany’

Tiffany ‘Epiphany’ is an Atlanta based Artist who specializes in Pointillism. Utilizing organic brush strokes, vivid colors, and delicate dot work, she creates an eclectic collection of works that explore the realm between two dimensional and three dimensional ART. Tiffany has been vending music & arts festivals with her company Epiphany Projects, LLC over the past year and half, along with recently tapping into live painting at Hulaween 2013. (“I find inspiration in every aspect of our waking and
dreaming states. Even in the most difficult of times, when the creative purpose of an experience is not immediately understood, I can find some inspiration. I utilize and combine a whirlwind of colors throughout my works often referencing many religions, cultures, symbols, natural elements, mythologies, and geometry. I have been creating and studying ART my entire life, and am currently completing my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.”)


Travis Enyhart

Travis Enyhart is a visionary psychadelic painter whose main focus is to generate pieces that embrace both the beautiful, and the uncomfortable aspects of the natural world. He creates art with the conscious intention of inspiring and enlightening his audience in a way that makes them question their own conception of reality.