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MAY 30 & 31, 2014 Blackstock Festival Grounds Blackstock, South Carolina

Camping Options

Upon arrival at the Blackstock Festival Grounds, you will be directed to one of the following camping areas; the General Admission Park & Camp area or the VIP Park & Camp area. All passengers of vehicles expecting access to the VIP Park & Camp area must have VIP tickets. This applies to RV’s as well; all RV passengers must have VIP tickets for access to be granted to the VIP Park & Camp area.

The General Admission Park & Camp area will be where most patrons setup their campsites. Vehicles will be parked with enough space between each other to allow for a small campsite to be setup. We ask that you remember that this space is shared space and to be respectful of your neighbors. Leave enough room for your neighbors to setup their campsites, and consider sharing shade structures with your neighbors. The goal is that everyone has a good time; please keep that in mind.

The VIP Park & Camp area will be where patrons with VIP tickets setup their campsites. Only ticket holders with VIP tickets will be allowed parking access into the VIP Park & Camp area. It is important that all passengers in your vehicle or RV have VIP tickets for your group to enter the VIP Park & Camp area. Parking in this area will ensure that your campsite is the closest to the Main Venue area as possible. Vehicles will be parked with extra space between each other to allow for a larger campsite to be setup. VIP Lounges, VIP Showers, and VIP Bonfire Pits will be setup in this area strictly for VIP usage. In the VIP Lounges, VIP ticket holders will receive heavy hor d’oeuvres Friday evening, and will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday. The VIP lounges will also offer the only access to premium spirits on the festival grounds. VIP ticket holders will also have access to the VIP stage viewing areas, complimentary hammocks, and complimentary shuttle service. The VIP experience is the best Blackstock has to offer.

RV’s will be allowed in both Park & Camp Areas. The festival will not be offering water or electrical hookups. There are also no waste dumps provided for RV’s. Please plan to haul out all you liquid and solid waste.

Hammock Camping is also available at the Blackstock Music Festival. If you plan to hang a hammock in your campsite, please advise the festival staff upon your arrival. We will do everything we can to direct you to a hammock-friendly Park & Camp area.

Please remember the festival grounds serve as a wildlife refuge the other 50+ weeks out of the year. The wildlife that lives on the festival grounds is having you as their guest. Do your very best to dispose of all your trash in the provided trash bins and recycling bins. Try to leave the festival grounds as clean as or cleaner than when you found it.