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MAY 30 & 31, 2014 Blackstock Festival Grounds Blackstock, South Carolina


Where is Blackstock, SC?

Exactly (1) Hour South of Charlotte, NC and (40) Minutes North of Columbia, SC

What is the weather like in Blackstock, SC in late May?

Expect warm to hot days in the 70’s and 80’s; and expect cooler nights dropping into the 60’s.

Can we leave the festival grounds and re-enter?

No; there is no re-entry allowed for private vehicles that leave early. There is however, a taxi service onsite that can take you off the festival grounds and return you. You may take a taxi off the festival grounds and you may re-enter as long as you re-enter with our taxi drivers.

What will you be providing at the festival grounds?

There will be toilet facilities, hand washing stations, potable water, general store, and an assortment of vendors will be selling a variety of reasonably priced foods, beverages and snacks. There will be ATM’s, but we recommend that you bring enough cash for your stay to avoid long ATM lines. Please bring enough money for any additional expenses you may have.

What should I do if I need emergency assistance (medical, police, towing, locksmith, etc.)?

There will be 24 hour security personnel, Police, Fire, and EMS onsite. If you need emergency medical or police attention, contact the nearest security official or go to one of the on-site information or medical tents. You may also locate a Blackstock staff member or volunteer for assistance or other questions you may have.

Where should I go if I lose my keys or my wallet?

Lost and found will be located at the information tents. If you lose something, or someone, check there. If it or they are not there the first time, check again later. If you find something that needs to be returned to its owner, please drop it off at an information tent.

Will pets be allowed in the venue / camp grounds?

No pets are allowed. If a pet is found in your car you will be turned away from entering the festival grounds. “Service Animals” are the only exception and will be allowed on a case by case basis with the appropriate documentation.

Will RVs be allowed?

RVs will be allowed to access the festival grounds. Limited quantities of RV Passes will be available for sale. Please check out our tickets page for more information regarding RV passes. There are no hookups available for RV’s.

Where will we be camping / parking? Are we going to be able to camp next to our vehicles?

All weekend pass ticket holders will be allowed to camp next to their vehicles. The General Admission Park & Camp area is where most patrons will be camping and parking. The VIP Park & Camp area is the only other area where patrons will be camping and parking; VIP Upgrades are required to park and camp in the VIP Park & Camp area.

What will we be allowed to bring into the festival grounds?

You can bring your own food and beverages into the Park & Camp area. You can bring a tent, shade structures, coolers, and lawn chairs into the Park & Camp area. You can bring a propane grill, one propane tank, a camping stove, and camping stove fuel into the Park & Camp area. You can bring all other normal “camping” accessories into the Park & Camp area.

What will not be allowed on the festival grounds?

Pets, Glass Containers, Weapons, Fireworks, Bicycles, ATV’s, Golf Carts, Personal Motorized Vehicles, Box-Style Trucks, Charcoal, Charcoal Grills, Illegal Substances, Gasoline, Kegs, Campfires

What is the policy on campfires?

No campfires are allowed in the General Admission Park & Camp area. If you are found to have lit a campfire in this area, you risk being escorted off the festival grounds without refund. Do not light campfires in the General Admission Park & Camp area. You will however find campfires in the VIP Park & Camp area, as well as the Main Venue area. These campfires are provided by the festival staff, monitored by the festival staff, and tended to by the festival staff. These campfires are the only campfires that will be present on the festival grounds. Please enjoy these campfires and do not build your own.

Will bands be allowed to play in the Park & Camp area if not affiliated with the festival?

Yes; acoustic music only. No electronic amplification devices please. Be respectful of your camping neighbors as well when playing acoustic music.

Are we allowed to bring gas powered generators?

Yes, but only small portable generators 1.5KW or less. Please leave these at home if you do not absolutely need portable power. Be mindful of the environment if at all possible, and also be mindful of your neighbors! Generators are loud luxuries you can survive without.

Is there cell phone service available at Blackstock?

Yes but It depends on your provider; some parts of the festival grounds have weak cell coverage.

How far is the concert venue from the camping areas?

All campgrounds are within walking distance of the Main Venue area. No one should need to walk more than a quarter of a mile from their campsite to the Main Venue area.

What can I bring into the Main Venue area?

Backpacks, purses, lawn chairs, unopened water bottles, small snacks, and camelbacks are allowed into the concert grounds. All patrons will need to go through a search / checkpoint for unsafe items or items not allowed in the Main Venue area. You may not bring your own alcohol from the camping area into the Main Venue area.

Will we be allowed to leave the Main Venue area and come back?

Yes, you will be able to move freely back and forth between the campgrounds and the Main Venue area!

What is the taping policy going to be?

Audio Taping is permitted. Video Taping is NOT allowed.

Will cameras be allowed in the concert grounds?

Disposable cameras and point-and-shoot cameras are allowed in the concert grounds. Professional cameras will be allowed on a case by case basis! For permission and clarification on whether your camera will be allowed, contact info@blackstockmusicfestival for more information!

Will lawn chairs be allowed in the concert area?


Can I bring my kids? Do they have to pay?

Yes. Children under 8 will not need a ticket, if accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

What types of vendors will be on hand? Will they be reasonably priced?

There will be a variety of vendors in the concert venue and the campground that will provide a variety of interesting, diverse, and reasonably priced products.

What is the security going to be like at Blackstock?

Event security will be located throughout the site for the entire duration of the event. If you have an EMERGENCY, find a staff person with a radio, go to an information tent, medical tent, or tell one of the security personnel.