Take Your Music for a Ride

Driving and listening to music seem to go hand-in-hand. The right songs can make a trip fly by and be the perfect companion any time you hop behind the wheel. Here are some quick tips on making your next road trip more enjoyable. 

·  Create the right collection of music: On any road trip, your music should match the mood. The stress of a crowded commute can be cut with calming classical and soft ballads. Hitting the open road for a vacation may call for more upbeat rock or fast jazz. You should keep a good selection on hand to fit any situation. Organizing your discs in a handy CD binder will save you from wrestling with CD cases.

·  Add a CD changer: CD changers are a great way to play multiple albums non-stop, but conventional changers can be inconvenient, requiring you to first load the CDs into a removable magazine, and then load the magazine into the changer which, because of its bulk, is often banished to the trunk. As a result, you often end up listening to the same CDs over and over again if you forget to reload the magazine before leaving home.There are alternatives, though, such as Blaupunkt’s IDC-A09 in-dash CD changer, which uses no magazine and can be mounted directly in the dashboard. With five individual CD slots in the front panel you can load and unload discs without leaving your seat, or even removing the disc that’s currently playing.

This changer can also be installed in a glove compartment, overhead console, or even mounted vertically in a center console. It is compatible with Blaupunkt’s popular ThummerTM steering-wheel mounted remote control, making operation even safer. 

·  Pre-program favorite radio stations: For times when you want to catch up on news, traffic, weather or your favorite DJ, you’ll want to have your favorite stations assigned to the preset buttons on your radio.

·  Optimize your sound: Take advantage of the abilities of your sound system. Adjust balance, treble, and bass to suit your individual tastes and preferences, but be careful not to overtax speakers. While high bass levels may seem appealing when setting up the radio, they can be hard on both the ears and the speakers on long trips. If the sound always seems too soft or too loud, and never “just right,” you are probably getting excess distortion, and should consider upgrading your speakers and adding a separate amplifier. Make sure you invest in quality equipment that meets your needs.…

Are Music Reviews and Music Press Helpful Tools in Promoting Your New CD Release?

Are Music Reviews and Music Press Helpful Tools in Promoting Your New CD Release?

Have you thought about how important music reviews can be when promoting your new CD release? For most artists, they believe good songs are what’s going to make a CD successful; however, it’s not always the case. There are some who often find they have to rely on the help of others in order to make it big in the music industry. One thing which are often required is music reviews but will they really be helpful tools to promote your new CD?

Good Feedback Can Inspire Others

Feedback is really an important element for most artists and for those who want to release a CD, they absolutely need as much promotional tools as possible. One of the most important tools to have is actually music reviews. Even the music press can play a role in promoting your music and the things they report can impact on your sales. Having the ability to get good feedback and reviews can be so important and will truly make all the difference in the world. Reviews are needed no matter your name and without them, they can impact sales. click here for more details.

The Media Can Help Influence Buyers

Remember, the media and what they report or say about you as an artist or the song, can impact what people think. It doesn’t matter if you have a great array of songs on the CD, if the media says it’s not the best, people can be influenced by that. That is truly one of the biggest reasons why music reviews can be important and preferably positive reviews. A lot of newcomers don’t think about this part of the music industry and yet it remains the vital element. This is why you really need to focus on getting good feedback as much as promoting the CD. for more details, visit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Music_industryAre Music Reviews and Music Press Helpful Tools in Promoting Your New CD Release?

You Need to Build on Positive Reviews

It really doesn’t matter if you have been in this industry for five years or five minutes, bad reviews can potentially spell an end of your career. When you are promoting your new CD release but have been plagued with tones of bad reviews, it can start to ensure people are put off looking at your CD. That is why you always have to build on good and positive feedback, whether it’s in the form of a good review or a sentence posted on social media. In music, good reviews can absolutely make or break your career. These are so important and you really need them behind you as well.

Promote Your CDs

You have to be extremely cautious and careful over how you promote your work. For some, they don’t look to using the internet to their advantage and it’s not ideal to say the least. Traditional advertising and marketing are good promotional tools but they are only one part of the plan in reality. You have to explore all options so that you can get your music out to a wider audience and get the feedback you really need and want. Promote your music and hopefully you will see the recognition to come from it.…

Five Music Industry Myths That Damage Your Music Career

Five Music Industry Myths That Damage Your Music Career

When you are looking to get into the music industry, there are a few things which you can get wrong and ultimately end up damaging your potential musical career. Despite what you might believe, anyone can have a successful music career as long as they are willing to put the work into it and are able to showcase the best of their abilities. However, there are one or two myths that can actually put you on the path of destruction! It is possible to ruin a potentially good musical career before it’s even begun. The following are just five simple music industry myths that can actually damage your career in the long-run. click here for more info.

You Must Know How to Play at Least One Instrument

For some reason, more and more newcomers believe the old myth that unless you are a decent guitar player, you can’t make it as a musician. In all honesty, you really don’t need to know how to play instruments to have a good music career. Not convinced? Why don’t you look at the current stars and see just how many of them can actually play an instrument? In truth, music isn’t about how well you can play, if your talents lie in singing, you must be a good singer. Of course, if you want to play in a band, knowing how to play helps but if you don’t, it doesn’t spell the end of your career.

If You’re Over 20 You’ll Never Make It

Believe it or not, there are many who think once they reach their 21st birthday, they are no longer able to build a music career. It’s the same with many wannabe actors, if they are over 30 and think they haven’t really done anything, it means they won’t ever become a good or successful actor. In reality, that’s far from the case! It’s different in sports where you really need the young legs to keep you going but in music, you can become a star at any age no matter what. Don’t let your age get you down. for more info, visit : https://www.berklee.edu/careers/essentialsofsuccess.htmlFive Music Industry Myths That Damage Your Music Career

No One Buys Music Old School Anymore

While you might have heard of the fact that CD sales have slowly declined over the last few years, that doesn’t actually mean to say fans aren’t buying music anymore. What’s more, people still buy music, in CD form and in digital form and your music can still be purchased. Don’t let the myth that no-one is buying music anymore put you off becoming a musician. People buy music, even vinyl still, and that’s why music will always be popular.

It’s Who You Know That Makes You

A lot of people seem to think if they start from the bottom they have no chance of success. People also seem to think if they don’t have the connections in music or their parents weren’t singers, they have no chance of making it in the music industry. In reality, that’s far from the truth. Yes, it can help if you have good connections within the music industry to listen to your music but that doesn’t guarantee anyone will take notice of you or even like your music. It’s crazy to think if you’re a no one, you can’t make it.

You Need to Go to a Big City to Make It Big!

Many newcomers move to big ‘music related’ cities in order to make it big but in reality that’s not going to make their chances any better. What you have to understand is that in music, it’s your voice that counts and who is willing to take a chance on you. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city that is famed for many artists or a very small village in the middle of nowhere, you can make it. You don’t have to move to be a star.

Forget the Myths

Sometimes, the old-added myths are what makes it easier for you to fail. A lot of myths can put the fear into you and then your nerves go and you start to think it’ll never happen. Yes, sometimes you need some get up and go about you to succeed and if you think negatively, it’ll always be the same outcome. However, forget the myths and stick with your passion for music! Anyone can make it, no matter who they are or where they live, or even how old they are. In music, it’s open for anyone.…

The History of Writing Music

The History of Writing Music

There has been such an increase of musicians writing music over the last few decades that the industry has seen more artists be recognised because of this achievement. It’s not easy to write your own music whether it’s lyrics or an operetta. Writing music really takes time, energy, and a lot of determination, not to mention skill. For anyone who wishes to write music, they really have to put their all into it, so that they can see the results from it. However, over time, the way in which music has been written has changed. click here for more information.

Early Work and Traditional Music Writing

Let’s be honest, the way in which songs and music are written today, are completely different from that of a hundred years ago. Early music was very simply written although, it still had the same passion and drive there is today. Early work and even the more traditional writing forms of music are unusual in their own sense simply because they are more remembered than today’s work. For example, Beethoven is a major name in the music world even though he has been gone for many years and yet his greatest pieces still are remembered and talked about. That is why his style of writing music is such unique but utterly brilliant.

 Inspirations Have Changed

Today’s modern music writer is very different from that of a few hundred years ago. Back then, people wrote about sunny days and beautiful morning skies, whereas today people use all sorts as inspiration. However, that doesn’t mean to say the writing of yesterday isn’t as good as today’s, they are just different! The history of writing music is somewhat simple and yet people don’t grasp how useful and unique this area of music really is. However, that is the beauty of music; it’s different than everything else but so important in many ways. for more info,visit : https://musicedmasters.kent.edu/what-is-world-music/The History of Writing Music

Music Writing Remains Strong

There is truly no doubt about it; music writing is a strong element for millions of people worldwide! Right now, there are many great song writers who are putting their all into their work and it’s fantastic. You really don’t know how much goes into writing and yet it’s so unique. People who write music are inspired by everyday life and struggles and it’s utterly fantastic to say the least. There are going to be more people who turn their hand to writing music simply because they have a passion for it.

The World of Music

Over the course of the last few years, there have been many artists who’ve started as a musician but who’ve gone onto creating and writing their own music. That is a fantastic achievement simply because it’s not always easy to write music. You can put words on paper but making music is different. Bringing together sounds and notes to create a great, free-flowing piece of music is a tough ask but, if you are good at it, it can make all the difference in the world. If music is your passion, why not write it?…